About Chuck

Chuck Rogers has over forty years experience encompassing engineering, business development, domestic and international profit center management, investment banking, underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, building new businesses and maximizing investment value. Throughout his career he has applied the theme of “financial engineering” in examining opportunities that are targeted to maximize investment returns.

Mr. Rogers’s technical background includes an undergraduate degree in ceramic engineering and a master’s degree in economics with a minor in financial analysis. His career path started working as a quality control engineer in a carbon and graphite processing plant. From there he was transferred to corporate headquarters to focus on

the financial strengths of a wide variety of technology projects in advanced materials, chemicals and space technology. At this point, Mr. Rogers moved to the energy and electronics industries and spent the next seventeen years in business development including R & D, start up businesses, mergers & acquisitions as well as several CEO assignments.

The next step in his career was eleven years in the investment banking world managing merger & acquisition projects, initial public offerings, restructuring and fairness opinions. From there he moved to an entrepreneur assignment working with private and public companies to build businesses in military electronics, medical instrumentation, food and data processing.


Resume available upon request.